Italian City Bans Google Maps

A city in Sardinia ordered motorists and hikers to avoid Google Maps to navigate local roads after too many people got lost and st...

Space ‘Elevator’ To The Moon May Soon Be A Reality

The concept of using an “elevator” to travel from Earth to space has been around for quite some time, with an early concept first proposed in 1959 by Russian engineer Yuri Artsutanov. But no...

Does Technology Make Moving Nuclear Weapon Safe?

The plutonium core for the first atomic weapon detonated in 1945 was taken from Los Alamos National Laboratory to a test site in the New Mexico desert in the backseat of a US Army sedan. ...

Could Artificial Intelligence Put Impoverished Communities Back On The Map?

Satellite images reveal enormous amounts of information about oncoming hurricanes, military troop movements and changes to the polar ice cap. Thanks in part to the work of Stanford computer
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Cities Scrutinize Proper And Improper Uses Of Facial Recognition

With New Tech, Panasonic To Transmit Broadband Internet Over Power Lines

N45 Billion Required For Digital Switchover In Nigeria

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