4 Common Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Ecommerce Business

It's hard to spot a success story before it happens, yet it's easy to tell if a business will struggle. With that in mind, here...

Making Cement Is Very Damaging For The Climate –Fortera CEO

The cement industry is one of the largest emitters of carbon dioxide and is responsible for some 8% of global emissions each year It's a major contributor to climate change — the way buil...

Extracting Hydrogen From Rocks

Iwnetim Abate aims to stimulate natural hydrogen production underground, potentially unearthing a new path to a cheap, carbon-free energy source. It’s commonly thought that the most...

AI May Develop A Huge Carbon Footprint

Recently, artificial intelligence (AI) has been cast as a problem in the urgent, international effort to tackle climate change. As AI plays a greater role in our lives, it will need enormous...


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