6 Essential Tips To Thrive In Tech Startups

As startups scale, prioritising customer success and forging strategic partnerships become the cornerstones of sustainable growth

Termite Mounds Reveal Secret To Creating ‘Living And Breathing’ Buildings That Use Less Energy

Among the approximately 2,000 known species of termites, some are ecosystem engineers. The mounds built by some genera, for example, Amitermes, Macrotermes, Nasutitermes, and Odontotermes, r

How We Stop Floating Wind Turbines The Size Of Skyscrapers From Drifting Away

Growing demand for cleaner energy sources means offshore wind farms are being built all over the world. More than 5,000 turbines must be installed each year until 2050 to limit global warmin...

A Better Way To Match 3D Volumes

By mapping the volumes of objects, rather than their surfaces, a new technique could yield solutions to computer graphics problems in animation and CAD. In computer graphics and compute


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