US Senators Introduces New Bill To Force Facebook, Google Disclose Value Of Users’ Data

There’s no such thing as a free lunch — certainly not in Silicon Valley. That’s the message from a pair of US senators who intr...

Making Money From Carbon Dioxide

Scientists from around the world are meeting in Germany to improve ways of making money from carbon dioxide. They want to transform some of the CO2 that’s overheating the planet into produc

Magnetic Singularity: Scientists Discovers A New Material That Changes Electrical Resistance

In many materials, electrical resistance and voltage change in the presence of a magnetic field, usually varying smoothly as the magnetic field rotates. This simple magnetic response underli...

Nokia Bell Labs, Amber Extend Lithium-Ion Battery Life

Increasing the energy storage capability of lithium-ion batteries necessitates maximisation of their areal capacity. This requires thick electrodes performing at near-theoretical specific
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