Online Safety Bill Amendments To Criminalise ‘Deepfakes’ And ‘Downblousing’

New amendments to the Online Safety Bill will see people who share pornographic ‘deepfakes’ and ‘downblousing’ images online face

New Technique Could Be Key To Distributing Hydrogen

Researchers at Princeton and Rice universities have combined iron, copper, and a simple LED light to demonstrate a low-cost technique that could be key to distributing hydrogen, a fuel that ...

Finally, Scientists Reveal How Black Holes Produce The Most Brilliant Light In The Universe

For something that emits no light that we can detect, black holes just love to cloak themselves in radiance. Some of the brightest light in the Universe comes from supermassive black hole...

NNPC, TotalEnergies, Partners Commission Mammography Centre In Onitsha

In furtherance of their corporate social responsibilities to communities, the Nigerian National Petroleum Company (NNPC) Limited, TotalEnergies Upstream Nigeria Limited, operator of OML 130,...


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New Technique Could Be Key To Distributing Hydrogen

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Why IoT Sensors Need Cybersecurity

Sensors enabled by the Internet of Things are network-connected smart devices that collect and transmit real-time data about their environment. The data they provide lets people ma...

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Elon Musk Officially Takes Over Twitter, Fires Top Execs

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