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Scientists advise FG to Industrialise Nigeria via technology

Some scientists have called on the Federal Government to redouble its efforts in using Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) to accelerate industrialisation for national development.

Speaking with the Newsmen on Wednesday in separate interviews in Abuja, they emphasised that financing research activities was a prerequisite to achieve the feat.

The stakeholders said as Nigeria marked its 58th independence on Oct 1, there was urgent need to accelerate national development through Research and Development.
Dr Adeneye Talabi, former Director, Technology Acquisition and Adaption, Federal Ministry of Science and Technology, said there should be constant improved financing of scientific research works for advancement of indigenous technology.
He said that such efforts would make the nation to be less dependent on the developed countries in many sectors of the economy.
According to him, human resources and the abundant natural resources should be properly harnessed to uplift the country.
Dr Femi Aluko of Department of Community Health, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife said that proper spending on research would enhance home grown technology to a reasonable level.
According to him, such effort will advance Nigeria to become a crucial global competitor in the field of science and technology among leading countries.
Aluko said that the nation needed technological inputs to really excel.
He emphasised that Nigeria ought to deepen efforts in Research and Development to catch up with some Asian Tigers countries that were once in the same level of technology.
“The Asian Tigers such as Indonesia, India, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysia, and China among others were once on the same level of technology development with Nigeria.
“However, these countries have been making progress since 1960s in an impressive manner while Nigeria has remained stagnant,’’ he said

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