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EKEDC to Badagry Residents: Pay Promptly and get 16-Hour Daily Power Supply.

The Eko Electricity Distribution Company says it has improved electricity supply in Badagry to 16 hours daily, urging residents to reciprocate this with prompt payment of bills.

Godwin Idemudia, the General Manager, Corporate Communications, EKEDC, spoke in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria on Friday in Lagos.

He said that prompt payment of bills would help to further improve power supply in the area.

Idemudia said: “Electricity has been privatised; it is no longer government property.

“We in EKEDC receive bills monthly from the Transmission Company of Nigeria on the amount of energy supplied to the company.

“This money will be used to pay gas companies and others in the chain of distribution.

“We are just collecting the money from you to pay the companies that generated the supply we are distributing; that’s why we are Distribution Companies.

“If you pay on time, the supply will be regular and there will be an improvement on it. “It is just a matter of paying us to serve you better.”

Idemudia urged the consumers to always report faults from electric poles to the nearest service stations in their area for repair.

He assured them that the rollout meters would soon be extended to the area, and all houses without functional meters would be metered.

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The general manager said that EKEDC had installed Distribution Transformer Meters on all transformers in streets in the area, to ensure that consumers are properly billed.

He said the company had done this to ensure that customers are not billed on estimation.

Idemudia warned residents against attacking EKEDC staff on lawful duty.

NAN reports that power supply in Badagry has improved recently due to the upgrading of EKEDC installations in the area.

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