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10 Tips For A Successful Online Study Program

The need to learn and acquire knowledge is setting man on the path of self-discovery. With the desire for knowledge growing, more and more people are taking up the challenge of going back to earn degrees in a non-conventional school environment. Online study is becoming popular and in the near future more people will graduate from home or earn a second degree without having to attend the normal classes.

In our society, the challenge of online learning is peculiar largely due to poor infrastructure, yet many Nigerians are gaining admission to do online Masters program in foreign universities especially in Europe. Before you take the decision to go for online education, ensure the followings are in place.

1. Once you have decided to go for online program, set your finances right. Plan your fee ahead and know that you are paying in FOREX. If our local currency dips, it may affect your ability to meet your financial obligations.

2. Get a good laptop that will aid in your class work
3. Ensure you have a smart phone that will keep you updated on whatever information your Faculty Member will send to you.

4. Choose a network that is fast and dependable. Your location will determine this. If you can afford, have an alternative network to avoid downtime

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5. Be ready to adjust your time especially if you are working. Most of your class work will be done in the night.

6. You must have your power back up to ensure your laptop, Wi-Fi, phone, power bank etc are in ready-to-use condition whenever there is power outage.

7. Make friends and get to know your classmates. Because of our passion for education, there is a possibility the guy on the next street is your online course mate in UK. Keep the interaction academic. It may help you if it is managed well.

8. The program is usually flexible. Decide how far you can go with a particular module. Don’t overload yourself and don’t equally play truancy.

9. Try as much as possible to meet up with your assignments. Excuses such as the network was down and there was outage, don’t go well. Obey the rules.

10. Choose a project that reflects our need and environment. The research work may help you tomorrow.

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