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High-Level Technology For Agriculture Development — Experts Advocate

A group of experts have advocated a paradigm shift in the way agriculture is being practised particularly in some emerging economies around the world.

While speaking during one of the sessions at the 7th Atlantic Dialogues in Marrakech, Morocco, on the topic: “Agribusiness and Agritech in Emerging Economies.”  Agriculture experts are drawn from Nigeria, Morocco, US, Argentina, Brazil, France, Cape Verde to mention a few, argued that the use of improved technology would in no small measure help in the development of agriculture in emerging economies.

They were of the opinion that Drones can be used on crop field for scanning with compact multispectral imaging sensors, GPS map creation through onboard cameras, heavy payload transportation and livestock monitoring with thermal-imaging camera-equipped drones. It was also discussed that high-income countries have seen significant improvements in their agricultural management systems through modern remote sensing technology, such as satellites and aircraft and the information they collect. As a result of this, from the vast amount of data collected, the advice is provided to farmers to inform their decisions.

One of the participants at the conference, Seyi Oyenuga, who is the founder and Chief Executive Officer, Securefarmer noted that the use of small unmanned aerial vehicles better known as drones for agricultural purposes is a new emerging technology which could revolutionise the way agricultural entrepreneurs interact with their land, water, crops and infrastructure.

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“Drones can be made specifically for business use and farming in particular, they can capture geo-referenced,
overlapping, high-resolution images of 400 hectares in a single flight; can seamlessly upload data and produce agricultural analytics from their data management systems, and fly autonomously from take-off to landing.”

Source: Tribune

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