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NALPGAM Condemns LPG Skids At Petrol Stations

The Nigerian Association of Liquefied Petroleum Gas Marketers have raised concern over the growing number of Liquefied Petroleum Gas skids being installed at petrol stations across the country.

The National President, NALPGAM, Mr Nosa Ogieva-Okunbor, said the development started when some operators approached the Department of Petroleum Resources for the permission to establish LPG stations to encourage motorists to convert their vehicles to use gas.

“Though our association canvasses LPG penetration, we cannot continue to keep quiet while lives and property are endangered via this practice where LPG, petrol and diesel, which are highly inflammable, are traded side by side. If gas escapes and gets to any naked fire, the destruction, no doubt, is going to be so huge,” he said at a briefing in Lagos.

According to Ogieva-Okunbor, most of the petrol stations that have LPG skid plants do not have the approval of the Department of Petroleum Resources.

He said, “These gas skids were not in the initial design of the stations. There are rules and regulations guiding the siting of such facilities. This is a serious security risk. If a fire incident happens as a result of an explosion, the fire can travel very far from the petrol station, and a whole street can be razed as a result of this.

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“As a matter of urgency, the DPR should commence dismantling of such gas plants in petrol stations. Most stations have neglected the rules and regulations; they are now locating gas plants in most stations across the states.

“Today, we see some have sited gas skids close to eateries within their stations and this is dangerous while they are discharging gas and selling fuel. We, the association, cannot open our eyes and watch something drastic to happen before we raise the alarm. The earlier government and its officials act fast, the better for Nigerians.”

Also commenting, the Executive Secretary, NALPGAM, Mr Bassey Essien, said the association was canvassing for ‘stand-alone’ skids all over the country.

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