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108,457,051 Subscribers Browsed The Internet In November 2018

The Internet is a globally connected network system that uses Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) as one of the main Internet protocol suite.The TCP originates in the initial network implementation and complements the Internet Protocol (IP). Therefore, the entire suite is commonly referred to as TCP/IP to transmit data via various types of media.

Internet usage is the amount of data (in bytes, kilobytes, megabytes or gigabytes) transferred between computer and the Internet in a given period of time.

Data is transferred in two ways: from the Internet network to a computer (download) or from a computer to the Internet (upload). The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) in its monthly Subscriber Data enumerates how Nigerians browsed the Internet in the year 2018.
Taking a look at the data in the year under review, there is an impressive increase in the way consumers browsed the Internet to boost economic activities. A breakdown of the data shows that in the first half of the year under review (January to June 2018), many subscribers used the Internet to search for information that concern them or are interested in.
It shows that in January, 100,234,283 subscribers browsed the Internet, while in February, Internet users rose to 100,904,668, recording an increase of 670.385 subscribers. The data shows that the number of users were 100,596,228 in March, as against 100,904,668 in February, a decrease of 308,440. The data indicates that in April, Internet users increased by 613,275 bringing the number to 101,209,503 as against 100,596,228 recorded in March.
The NCC said that the number of subscribers who browsed the Internet in May stood at 103,152,726, while in April, it recorded 101,209,503, an increase of 1,943,223. It noted that in June, the number of subscribers who used the Internet decreased by 347,604 from the 103,152,726 recorded in May to stand at 102,805,152. Internet Subscribers Data in the second half of 2018 from July to November on the NCC website also shows tremendous growth in subscribers as the number of people browsing the internet increased marginally.
The data indicated that the number of Internet users in July was 103,671,778, compared with 104,628,342 recorded in August, an increase of 956,564. The data also showed that Internet users increased to 105,980,062 in September from the 104,628,342 in August, showing an increase of 1,351,720. The data revealed that Internet users for October also increased to 107,106,975, compared with 105,980,062 in September, recording an increase of 1, 126,913.
The data also showed that overall Internet users increased to 108,457,051 in November from the 107,106,975 it recorded in October, showing an increase of 1,350,076 new subscribers during the month.

Source: Vanguard

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