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BT Network Drops Huawei

The Emergency Services Network (ESN), which is being built by BT to provide priority access to mobile phone services for the emergency services, will be delayed as plans to use Huawei switchgear are being dropped.

The ESN was to have been in place next year.

The new date for completion of an Huawei-free ESN is being touted as 2020, but the current emergency services facility called Airwave has been contracted to continue its service until 2022 with an option to renew.

EE won the contract to build the ESN in 2015. In 2016, BT bought EE.

BT is not saying why it has decided to not use Huawei gear.

It could be because of pressure from the US which has banned US government agencies from using it and is said to be about to expand that ban to all US companies as part of its trade war with China

Or it could be because of a genuine UK fear of the cyber risk involved in using any Chinese equipment.

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