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Will An AI Take Your Job In 2019?

Half of current jobs will be taken over by AI within 15 years, China’s leading AI expert has warned.

Kai-Fu Lee, the author of bestselling book AI Superpowers: China, Silicon Valley, and the New World Order, told Dailymail.com the world of employments was facing a crisis ‘akin to that faced by farmers during the industrial revolution.’

‘People aren’t really fully aware of the effect AI will have on their jobs,’ he said.

Lee, who is a VC in China and once headed up Google in the region, has over 30 years of experience in AI.

He believe it is imperative to ‘warn people there is displacement coming, and to tell them how they can start retraining.’

Luckily, he said all is not lost for humanity.

‘AI is powerful and adaptable, but it can’t do everything that humans do.’

Lee believe AI cannot create, conceptualize, or do complex strategic planning, or undertake complex work that requires precise hand-eye coordination.

He also says it is poor at dealing with unknown and unstructured spaces.

Crucially, he says AI cannot interact with humans ‘exactly like humans’, with empathy, human-human connection, and compassion.

Psychiatrists, social workers and marriage counselors are unlikely to lose their jobs, along with nurses, AI researchers and scientists, he believes.

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However, some jobs will disappear- and quickly.


  1. Telemarketer / telesales
  2. Customer support
  3. Warehouse workers
  4. Clerks and operational staff
  5. Telephone operators
  6. Teller/cashier
  7. Fast food workers
  8. Dish washers
  9. Assembly line inspector
  10. Couriers

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