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Bank Excites Customers With Account Blocking Code

Zenith Bank has introduced Account Blocking code 966911#, which now allows customers who suspect their accounts have been compromised, or who lost/misplaced their debit (ATM) cards to dial the Block Account Code on the phone numbers registered with the account to secure their funds.

This has become necessary as the bank plays deeper into the retail end of the banking industry, using its top notch technology and array of innovative products as it works to deepen financial inclusion in conjunction with regulators of the nation’s financial system regulators.

Other codes as part of the Eazy Way banking offered by Zenith Bank include the 966# to ease account opening process by potential customers; while checking account balance has never been easier than dialing *96600#.

Customers who desire to reset their Personal Identification Number (PIN), or Password, the bank continued, can do so from the comfort of their homes with 96660#.

To update Bank Verification Number (BVN), the statement said customers can dial 966BVN#; and dial 966AmountMobileNo.# to buy airtime. By dialing 966AmountAccountNo.# for funds transfers.


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