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Vanguard Ready To Buy GloFo Fab

Vanguard International Semiconductor Corporation (VIS) of Taiwan, in which TSMC has a major shareholding, is to buy GloFo’s Fab 3E in Singapore for $236 million.

The transaction includes buildings, facilities, and equipment, as well as IP associated with GLoFo’s MEMS business.

GloFo will continue to operate the facility through the end of 2019, providing a transition period to facilitate technology transfers for VIS and existing GF customers.

Fab 3E currently manages a monthly capacity of approximately 35,000 8-inch wafers.

VIS and GloFo have already reached consensus on the transfer of Fab 3E’s employees and customers.

VIS will extend employment offers to all employees currently working at Fab 3E, as well as continuously provide existing customers at Fab 3E with its foundry service, including MEMS customers.

VIS’s capacity has been fully utilized since 2018, and it is in the interests of its customers that VIS expands capacity to meet growing demands.

The new fab is expected to contribute more than 400,000 8-inch wafers per year.

Source: Electronicsweekly

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