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Skills Could Be Future Recruitment Tool, Not Certificates

A call has been made to Nigerian youth to equip themselves with relevant skills as organizations are more concerned about what they can offer beyond their certificates.

Speaking during the learning leaders’ forum organized by the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management (CIPM) in Lagos, the head of human resources at the FBNQuest Merchant Bank, Mr Yemi Faseun said Nigeria will soon get to a stage where youth with the right skills will be recruited irrespective of their certificates and qualifications.

He said in other countries like Australia, many young people with talents are being recruited into various organizations without any higher institutions certificates; rather, their skills are used as measuring tool.

“It is what you can do that matters rather than your certificate. Some people can do coding and other important things, yet, they have not been to the higher institution. It is the value that we can get from people that will matter not the qualifications that they possess,” Faseun noted.

He therefore urged youth to add to the bottom-line of their organization stressing that management of organizations should extract the best value from the youth irrespective of their educational background for as long as they are within the organization.
Source: Dailytrust

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