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DisCos Must Automate Their Systems, Says NERC

The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission has directed that power distribution companies are to fully automate their commercial system operations in the sector.

NERC said such automation would enable the commission to effectively monitor all the funds collected from power users on behalf of the industry by the Discos, as well as enhance the customer services rendered by the electricity distributors.

NERC Chairman/Chief Executive Officer, Prof. James Momoh, disclosed this in Abuja while speaking on the sidelines of the inauguration of the Integrated Commercial Management Systems project unveiled by Abuja Electricity Distribution Company.

Momoh said, “We (NERC) are pushing for automation in the sector and we are doing exactly what you’ve seen here in AEDC. We are even closing the loop with what you have seen so that we will be monitoring all the automated information that is given, in terms of money collected from customers, we’ll be aware of it; in terms of faults or diagnosis of challenges that they have treated, we will be in the loop.

“The loop is going to be closed, for an open loop system is where NERC is not present. But NERC is very present because we have recommended this over time. We now know it is being done and is doable and we are going to demand it as a matter of requirement from Discos going forward.”

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He added, “There are specifications that we are going to put in place, such as Discos must handle their customers properly, quickly and on time and also resolve issues very fast. This is our time to take advantage of automation in the sector.”

On the InCMS unveiled by the AEDC, the NERC chairman stated that the initiative would improve the quality of service in the sector.

Momoh said, ‘This is a new thing in town and it is the opportunity for us to automate how to handle complaints and provide solutions in time. We are happy as a regulator to see this and I’m sure that very soon all the other 10 Discos will join in making sure an automated system is available that will be able to provide information in terms of metering problems and help overcome excess charges.

“This initiative will increase the quality of service, reduce losses and will bring down the cost of service in terms of the power that you use. It will also provide us with the opportunity for efficient energy usage. I commend Abuja Disco for this initiative.”

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