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Welders, Fitters Laments Their Marginalization By IOCs

Members of Omadino Welders and Fitters Association, OWFA, under the umbrella of Nigerian Welders Association, have lamented their marginalization in the area of employment by International Oil Companies operating in their area.

In a letter by Kennedy Ugbameta, President and Mr. Omasanjuwa Oghanrandukun, Assistant Secretary addressed to President Muhammadu Buhari, they said Mr. President should know about the neglect and abandonment of Omadino community youths by multi-national oil companies operating in the community.

The group in the letter, named the multi-national oil companies to include Nigerian Gas Company, Nest Oil Nigeria limited, Nigeria Petroleum Development Company, Lee Engineering Construction Limited, Chevron Nigeria Limited, Fenog Nigeria Limited, Neconde Energy Limited and Con Oil Nigeria Limited. They said the IOCs have contravene the Local Content Law by their blunt refusal to employ Omadino community indigenes even when they have qualified welders and filters.

“We have tried not to take the laws into our hands by using every peaceful means to grab the attention of the oil companies operating in our land by writing several letters, but this has not yielded anything.”


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