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A Man Turns An Old Plane Into His Home

If you found a plane in the woods, what would you imagine? Is this the wreck of a mysterious plane crash? Or an old plane graveyard? If it happens to be in Hillsboro, Oregon, then that’s just the not-so-humble abode of Bruce Campbell, a retired electrical engineer and very inventive man.

Bruce likes to turn planes that would have otherwise become scrap metal into beautiful upcycled masterpieces. He believes that airplanes can have so much potential outside of their intended use. He used a good dose of imagination, an old plane and a large plot of land to create the most unique house in the world. Read on to see how he built his very exotic home and take a look inside!

Bruce Campbell, a retired 64-year-old engineer, has always had a creative vision. When he was in his early 20s, he purchased a 10-acre piece of land for $23,000 deep in the forest of Hillsboro, Oregon with a very clear vision in mind.

About two decades later, Bruce Campbell heard about Joanne Ussery, a hairdresser from Mississippi who bought a Boeing 727 plane and transformed it into her home. Her previous house burned down, so after that she decided to build a functional airplane home next to a peaceful lakeside.

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He was already moving forward with his freight van home idea, but Campbell thought a gigantic plane sounded so much more innovative and fun to play with. After all, he strongly believed airplanes should be saved from becoming scrap metal. Land wasn’t an issue because he already owned 10 acres, but he’d need enough money to buy and transport this unconventional kind of vehicle to Oregon.

At first, Bruce Campbell just saw the airplane as a fun undertaking with no particular vision, however, the one thing that was clear to him was that he wanted to upcycle the aircraft. He strongly believed that jetliners could be transformed into incredible homes instead of being “mindlessly scrapped.”

For many years, Campbell worked on the fuselage while he resided in the freight vans nearby. It wasn’t easy for him to move to the forest, but he had a goal and wasn’t going to let it pass him by. Eventually, however, the van became infested with mice, so Campbell was forced to move into the aircraft without a building permit. This is when he started to truly understand the space; a space you wouldn’t believe was once a fully-functional airplane.

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