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Five Things To Consider Before Giving Your Child Smartphone

Over the years, there has been controversy over the ‘right age’ to give a child a smartphone. Some of the reasons behind the argument include abuse of smartphone in the form of pornography, tendency of losing the phone or children falling victim of fraudsters among others. However, the truth is that telephone, whether smartphone or ordinary cell phone, remains a powerful communication tool.

Ordinarily, the right age to give children cell phone is obviously the prerogative of parents because age is not as important as a child’s maturity. Parents are in the best place to follow children up at home in order to determine their sense of responsibility.

They are the ones to consider whether their children are ready to use phones responsibly and respectfully or not with the few underlisted tips. *You should be able to know if your child displays a sense of responsibility, such as letting you know when he/she leaves the house and whether he keeps to his word as to when he promises to be back. Being responsible is key, as you think about a personal device.

*Do your children have tendency of losing things such as money, school bag, backpacks or homework folders? If so, expect they might lose an expensive smartphone as well.
*Does he/she need to be in touch for safety reasons?
*Examine first the number one reason why the child is requesting for phone. Also, consider if having easy access to friends benefits them for social reasons or otherwise.
*Do you think they will use smartphone responsibly? For example, texting and chatting with friends during class or disturbing others with their phone conversations? Or use photo, video functions responsibly without harassing others?

*Can they adhere to limits you set for them? This is because prolonged and continous usage could lead to several health problems according to studies.

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