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Bill Gates Backs Nuclear Energy Development

Microsoft founder Bill Gates celebrated proposed legislation which would advance the development of nuclear energy technology.. Gates, a notable backer of nuclear energy, responded to proposed legislation “which establishes an ambitious plan to accelerate the development of advanced nuclear reactor technologies,” “Yesterday, a bipartisan group of leaders in the U.S. Senate introduced

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Mental Health Apps Not As Effective As Claim

Many mental health apps may overstate their effectiveness, according to new research. Research published this week in the peer-reviewed journal Naturel Digital MedicineNatural examined 73 top-ranking mental health apps found by searching the iTunes and Google Play stores for apps related to anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, self-harm and substance use. “You’re kind of

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Researchers: Artificial Intelligence Can Predict When You’ll Die

Artificial intelligence can predict when you’ll die Everyone is faced with the prospect of death, though not knowing when the time will come can be unsettling for many. Now, researchers have uncovered a disturbing benefit of artificial intelligence – the ability to more accurately predict a person’s demise. The unsettling research, published

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