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FUJIFILM Opens Its First Innovation Centre In Africa

FUJIFILM South Africa has opened its Innovation Centre Africa, located in Roodepoort, Johannesburg. As the first Innovation Centre on the African continent, it provides not only a one-stop demonstration area for new solutions, but now incorporates a number of improvements and FUJIFILM products previously not present.

Medical Systems and Solutions

Although South Africans might think of FUJIFILM as a photographic and printing company, it has a strong lineage in the field of medical systems, digital and computer radiography systems, and X-Ray film. Making its way to the FUJIFILM Innovation Centre is the innovative Amulet Innovality, FUJIFILM’s top of the range digital mammography X-Ray unit with 3D capability (Tomosyntheses) that helps in early stage detection of breast cancer. It will join the inventive FDR Smart X-Ray machine that assists with, amongst others, the screening of tuberculosis patients.

Through its artificial intelligence-driven REiLi screening system, FUJIFILM has made major strides in the acceleration of complex diagnosis, with this software tool being used to support radiologists’ clinical decision-making. In South Africa, this already had a huge impact in the screening of lung disease, upping the number of patients that can be diagnosed on a daily basis. With a strategic focus on improving the quality of healthcare in South Africa and the rest of Africa, FUJIFILM also supports many initiatives driving improved preventative care, ranging from Occupational Health Screening on-site at mines, to cost-effective screening through public/private partnerships at rural clinics.

Graphic Systems and Solutions

When it comes to Printing and Packaging, FUJIFILM is pushing towards greener solutions in order to provide sustainable practices on the continent. This is reflected in its UV GREENGUARD certified UV inkjet inks present in LED Wide Format Solutions. Furthermore, FUJIFILM’s range of Superia CTP Offset Plates focuses on reducing chemical usage as well as resource savings, including lower energy and water consumption for commercial, newspaper and packaging printers.

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On display at the FUJIFILM Innovation Centre Africa is the Acuity LED 1600 II Hybrid Printer, the Acuity 15 Flatbed Printer and a Summa F1612 Digital Finishing unit. FUJIFILM remains committed to working together with partners to continue to come up with innovative printing and packaging solutions.

Photographic Solutions

Visitors to the FUJIFILM Innovation Centre Africa will now find improved sections where they are able to test and play with the company’s popular X Series mirrorless cameras and INSTAX instant cameras. With the top-of-the-range X-T3, FUJIFILM has demonstrated what can be done with mirrorless cameras. Not only are photographers impressed with the straight-from-camera image quality, but videographers praise it for its onboard 4K/60P 10bit internal SD card recording capabilities. It joins on display the TIPA World Awards-winning X-T30 midrange camera, and the affordable X-T100 entry-level unit. Leading the pack when it comes to megapixels is the highly coveted GFX 50S, a medium format mirrorless that has a 51.4-megapixel sensor, producing produces exceptional tones and breathtaking colour reproduction.

The INSTAX range of instant cameras have proved to be as popular in South Africa as it is in the rest of the world, achieving record sales of more than ten million units a year. Recently launched, the INSTAX SQ20 is not only decently priced but brings never before seen functionality to the fore. It can record a movie, with users then able to select the exact image to print from the stills. The photo is printed directly from the camera in less than two minutes. Popular models such as the SQ6 Taylor Swift Edition and mini 9 are also on display, as is a range of albums and other accessories to help with showcasing INSTAX photos. Further FUJIFILM products featured include QuickSnap one time use film cameras, My Photo photobooks, as well as photographic printing machines and general photographic accessories.

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Another first for FUJIFILM South Africa is a replica of the Wonder Photo Shop concept store hosted inside the Innovation Centre Africa. These photo print stores are established to ‘Enrich people’s lives with Photos’ and are already available in almost 90 stores in 25+ countries. Wonder Photo Shop stores allow customers to experience the joy of photography and printing in a creative, inspiring and cozy atmosphere.

A reflection of FUJIFILM’s innovative culture

According to FUJIFILM South Africa’s Managing Director, Takeo Hata, the FUJIFILM Innovation Centre Africa reflects the company’s ‘Never Stop’ culture of innovation “With 80 years of experience in providing top of the range solutions in several industries, FUJIFILM has firmly established itself as a world innovation leader. Seeing what’s on offer at the FUJIFILM Innovation Centre Africa provides clients with a broader idea of what the company is truly capable of,” he notes. “FUJIFILM will utilise the Innovation Centre Africa to not only work together with our partners to further enhance our innovative solutions, but also to provide exceptional support and training,” Hata concludes.

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