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‘Nopia Ride’ Kenya’s First Electric Car Ready For Takeoff

The world is dominated by petrol-powered vehicles which produce lots of carbon emissions. Carbon emissions cause pollution in the atmosphere. However, the evolution of Electric Cars has been a means to promote cleaner energy. Electric cars have been functional in Europe, America, Asia and even Africa.

Uganda kicked off Kiira Electric Vehicle project in 2018 and later test-drove the vehicle in February 2019. Volkswagen announced its intentions to roll out an electric vehicle ride-hailing service in Rwanda in April 2019. Cross River State government in Nigeria partnered with a Slovakian firm in June 2019 to launch an electric car plant. Kenya also joined the afro-mentioned African countries to rolled out an electric car project in 2018, powered by EkoRent.


EkoRent, a Finland company that offers an all-electric vehicle rental and sharing services, released the first Electric vehicle ‘Nopia Ride’ in August 2018. Nopia Ride is the first full electric mobility service in Kenya and the first on-demand electric vehicle to rollout in East Africa. EkoRent launch electric cars charging stations in Kenya to enable the efficient use of these vehicles.

They launched their third electric car charging station on the 27th May 2019. The new station located at TRM mall Thika Road Nairobi joined the other two charging stations at; Two Rivers Mall, The Hub Karen and now TRM mall, Nairobi. During the launch, EkoRent founder and CEO, Juha Suojanen, flagged off 10 brand new vehicles that brought Nopia’s Ride pilot phase to a halt.

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