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NSE Crisis Deepens, EGM Adjourns Abruptly As New Body Emerges

The Extra Ordinary General Meeting of the Nigerian Society of Engineers has adjourned abruptly without any matter on the agenda treated by the President, Engr Adekunle Mokuolu.

Speaking during the intense session, Engr. Mrs Mayen Adetiba, a Past Vice President who spoke expressively against the injustice in the society said she was ready to be suspended from the society for standing up for truth. She insisted that the MEMART of the society must be amended to give room for equity and fairness to all members and mentioned that the EGM was planned to fail, looking at the outcome.

The NSE President had insisted on doing the right thing by using the law. However, when members agreed to go with the president’s suggestion of working with the law, he changed his position and requested that other matters in the MEMART can be treated except contentious issues. Members objected to the suggestion and the meeting continued to drag aimlessly intermittently becoming rowdy till it was brought to an abrupt end by the president.

Members continue with the meeting in the absence of the president and deputy and Engr Emmanuel Idoniboye, the Immediate Past Chairman Port Harcourt Branch moved a motion of no confidence on the president and also a motion for all branch chairmen to cease to attend the council meeting. The motions were seconded by Engr Festus Ozoemena, Branch chairman Enugu.

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In a further reaction, a new body, Nigerian Institute of Charter Engineers has been formed by aggrieved members. The motion to form the body was moved by Engr James Amiang, the Branch chairman of Uyo and was seconded by Engr Wilson Aggrey, the Branch chairman of Yenogoa. Members have called for a press conference to state their positions.

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4 thoughts on “NSE Crisis Deepens, EGM Adjourns Abruptly As New Body Emerges

  1. The President is set to destroy NSE. What a pity. Because he lives on members’ dues he doesn’t appreciate what it is to assemble member from all over the country and disappear from the meeting. What a disgrace.


  2. If we say we are all equal irrespective of the zone you came from in NSE, I see no reason why we can not have a rotational president were every zone of the federation will be carried along, and have a sense of belonging.

    This attitude of a particular section of the country trying to rule over the other sections thereby, creating disharmony and disaffection in every strata of our national adminstration is unnecessary.

    In my opinion, amending the MEMART of the society to give room for EQUITY AND FAIRNESS to all members shouldn’t be a challenge if we truly have genuine, brotherly affection to each other in the NSE.

    Now, for the president of the society to kick against such laudable idea beats my imagination as to where his sense of fair judgment to the interest of the society should be!
    The issues Mr president termed as “contentious” issues, is there no place in the laws of the society which says a 2/3 majority vote can amend such issues to the betterment of the society and give room for sense of belong to all members?

    Must we always, shy away from issues that are detrimental to our corporate existence because of personal interest?



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