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Nigerian Economy Sectors To Watch Against Cybercrime

With the rate at which Cyber fraud in the country has risen significantly in recent times, it is greatly feared that people might resort to olden ways of keeping their money safe. In response to this growing trend, Prof Umar Danbatta, the Executive Vice Chairman of Nigerian Communications Commission raised the alarm on the growing threat of cybercrime in the country at the 88th edition of the Nigerian Telecommunications Parliament in Lagos. He said that on the account of several cases of Cyberfraud, people have lost so much of their life savings and confidence. Prior to this, the NCC had organized a team known as the Cybersecurity Incidence Response. This team will address the current issues on Cyber Crime in the Nigerian telecommunication sector. This would serve as a force that will combat the incessant trend of Cyber Crime and also aid the National security adviser.

He said that because of the complexity of the telecommunications networks today , several complex risks will definitely arise. He urged the Telecommunication companies to redraft a better and suitable plan that will curb the prevalent situation so that customers confidence would be restored. He also disclosed that revealing the subscribers’ information/ data by telecommunications networks is illegal and liable to be sued for. On the Cyber Security Act, he explained that the Act calls for the protection of the sectors in the economy from cyber theft.

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