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Having Issues With Old Tech Devices? Here’s A Solution

Black Beard, a South African tech solutions builder has partnered with GirlCode to launch Tech Relief, an initiative designed to collect and utilise old tech devices.

Tech Relief aims to collect and distribute ‘old’ technological devices that are collecting dust in drawers around the world. These still equipped yet slightly outdated devices can be used to address the burning need for technological learning tools in educational institutions and initiatives, especially in underprivileged areas.

To meet this need – Tech Relief has created a platform, in association with GirlCode, for the public to donate old devices, such as Ipads, Notebooks, Desktops and Cellphones to the programme to then be distributed to worthy recipients. Sponsors will be able to track who the devices are given to and then watch the progress and education path of the recipient knowing that they have made an enormous impact, with GirlCode providing the accountability in the process.

GirlCode aims to get more women involved with technology, design, development and leadership and run various initiatives to empower women to work collaboratively in creating new tech solutions.

Tech Relief will celebrate the success of donated devices on the 2019 GirlCode hackathon day (first Saturday of Aug). Donated devices will be utilized for the hackathon and distributed for long -term use after the hackathon.

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