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Toyota Develops Basketball-Playing Robot, Lands 2,000 Free Shots In A Row

Toyota’s robot, dubbed CUE3, stands at six feet 10 inches tall – a similar height to many of the top basketball players.

He’s one of the greatest basketball players of all time, but it seems that LeBron James could have some serious competition – in the form of a robot .

Toyota has developed a basketball-playing robot that can land over 2,000 free shots in a row.

While it first took to the court back in April, the original version of the robot took up to three minutes to reset after every shot.

However, after months of development, CUE3 recently made history, landing the most consecutive free-shots ever achieved.

While Toyota was originally aiming for just five consecutive shots, the robot amazed onlookers as it scored 2,020 shots in six hours 35 minutes.

Tomohiro Nomi, project leader, said: “For the record attempt, we remained members of Toyota, but also collaborated with a professional sports team to embark on a challenge no one else had undertaken.”

While the robot might seem like a bit of fun, Toyota hopes that the same technology could be used to help injured and disabled people in their rehabilitation and with day-to-day tasks in the home.

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Mr Nomi added: “We would be delighted if as many people as possible developed an interest in basketball, robots and manufacturing as a result of watching our efforts.”

The researchers now hope to include CUE3 in an all-stars match in 2020 – watch this space!

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