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Okoye, Nigerian Develops Software To Curb Online Scam

Emmanuel Okoye, a software engineer has developed a software application called ‘The Middle’ to help eliminate online fraud. Okoye, also known as ‘Gentzycode’, told the News Agency of Nigeria, that the software application could help to verify fake online transactions.

“Basically, the software serves as a kind of middleman that ensures that buyers and sellers get satisfaction during online transactions,” he explained. According to him, the software serves as a means of payment on social platforms and transfer of funds, notwithstanding the currency in question, including crypto-currency.

“The concept of developing this application was borne out of the cases emanating from people being defrauded on social platforms that have metamorphosed into market places, especially instagram. “We have people who make payment for products to be delivered, only for the sellers to disappear or send products that are far cry from what the consumers had paid for.

“Also, there are cases of sellers supplying products and never to get their payments, owing to the fact that consumers insist on getting the products first before paying to avoid being duped,” the software developer further explained.

According to him, with ‘The Middle’, buyers of products will only order payment through an escrow account in the software application after receiving and confirming the products they ordered for.

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Okoye, who had developed other applications for commercial use, including web-based desktop and mobile applications, said the software was also designed to refund money to unsatisfied buyers. He said he had deployed a social platform called ‘Gentzy.xyz’ in addition to ‘The Middle’ where status of products could be reported and verified.

“People who have used a product or received service from a particular vendor can report on whether the product was fake or the service fraudulent,” he said.

Okoye, who said he began his education as a medical student before switching to ICT, urged Nigerians to support the innovation which, he said, would help eliminate internet fraud or reduce it to a minimal level.

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