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Tech At The Core, Business At The Heart: KORE And IoT Site Tracking

Logistics, supply chain, warehousing, shipping: these aren’t the areas of the enterprise that one immediately thinks of as being at the cutting edge of technology. But like manufacturing and utility facilities all over the world, it’s those areas where new generations of IoT devices, connective technologies, and management suites of software are creating the type of businesses that are literally changing entire markets.

At the heart of the changes sweeping logistics and supply-chain organisations are IoT-enabled location tracking solutions. These provide real-time updates on every aspect of the business, from the position in-store of an individual item to the stack location and specific shelf of stock in a warehouse, to the position of a refrigerated truck or storage container— and the state of the goods stored and transported inside.

The business benefits from IoT-enabled location tracking solutions are well-documented, but here is a quick recap. An astute IoT-enabled location tracking solutions deployment can:

  • Increase productivity – By knowing the real-time location of vehicles and assets, companies can utilise the most efficient routes and locate resources more efficiently.
  • Reduce operational costs – Understanding how vehicle or asset operational processes are affecting performance, the potential for business initiatives like the implementation of preventative maintenance regimes.
  • Improve employee safety – Keep employees safe and legal with wearable devices, improve behaviours by monitoring risky driving or equipment operation practices, and slash issues with employee theft.
  • Enhance customer service – Create happier end-users and supply chain partners with quicker, more efficient services: the type of consumer-driven expectations like next-day deliveries become a reality.
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In order to fully reap the benefits of location tracking solutions, businesses need to integrate the right mix of IoT connectivity, devices, and applications. But, without a background in IoT solution architecture, it can be difficult to define and implement the right pieces of your IoT solution puzzle. Even for the most IoT experienced personnel, managing carrier relationships, invoices, and hardware upgrades is a daunting task.

New offerings from companies long-experienced in supply chains and logistics like KORE do just that but in a business-sensitive context.  As the largest independent provider of global IoT connectivity, KORE is able to deliver complete global coverage for organisations with far-reaching and geographically diverse location tracking needs. Partnering with a technology-agnostic advisor can help you not only define the right go-to-market strategy for your location tracking solution, but also help you manage the intricate details of procuring, negotiating contracts, certifying, and maintaining your solution. The right partnership can essentially bring simplicity to what can be a very complex endeavour.

One of the key benefits to leveraging a partnership with an IoT enabler like KORE is to rely on its comprehensive solution offerings and expert guidance. With decades of experience in IoT, KORE brings the experience and consultative capabilities organisations seek. Take, for instance, a location tracking solution for a multinational fleet of commercial vehicles – KORE provides best-in-class advanced vehicle tracking devices, IoT connectivity from multiple cellular carriers for regional coverage, as well as a breadth of professional deployment services. These include staging, kitting, and inventory management to deliver pre-integrated, “out-of-the-box” solutions. Leveraging the experience and pre-established IoT ecosystem partnerships that KORE has, enables considerably accelerated speed-to-market.

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With more reliance on technology comes more potential points of failure, and the more elements in an enterprise’s operations that become integral parts of a data-driven framework, the more inter-reliant they become. In practical terms: what happens if wi-fi access fails in a warehouse, or power is lost in a remote distribution center? With KORE, there are practical solutions like cellular connectivity as failover, or the hardware necessary to power core technologies, all designed so that business can continue. That’s one of the many advantages of working with a company that has a product and service portfolio as broad and deep as KORE’s. The company’s offerings include the practical, logistics and supply chain-oriented, IoT technologies that are all backed by extensive experience not just in the esoterica of technology, but also many years in the business of transport, warehousing, shipping and industry.

KORE can help businesses in multiple verticals navigate the complexities of IoT & IIoT deployments with complete solutions for rapid design, implementation, and management. The company’s comprehensive IoT solutions are built on secure and scalable wireless connectivity methods carefully chosen for in-field suitability. These are paired with the best equipment from leading manufacturers and a robust management platform, with the whole backed by professional services and world-class support.

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