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Exclusive Interview With 9 Years Old Nigerian Codist

No doubt the tide of the moment in the boom of technology is positively affecting Nigerian youngsters to see the endless possibilities of the future. Master Agboola Joshua , 9 years old child skill activist and founder of the Josh Forte Tech is one of such exceptional children that shows that the Nigerian future is bright. Our correspondent at Engineers Forum recently engaged the Whiz kid in an insightful interview.

Engineers forum would like to meet you
I am Agboola Joshua, Chief Codist and founder of Josh Forte Tech.

How old are you and for how long have you been into the tech business?

I am nine years old and had gotten into the tech business at age six. All together, i have been doing this for three years now.

Where were you discovered and how did you start?

At age six , i first went to Genius Academy. Back then i was the youngest in the academy, people around me there were teenagers way older than me . When i was seven, I went to CoCreation Hub to learn some more about tech. But the studies there werent broad enough for me, they were teaching basic HTML(Hypertext Markup Language) and CSS, so I resolved to do home schooling where I have learnt alot; Java Script,Boot trap JQuery and so much more.

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What are your most valued skills?

I am the Chief Codist at Josh Fort Tech and I am also very good at making websites. At the moment, I am delving into APP making. I have created some applications, although these works are on my system yet to be uploaded. Also, I am currently doing a product called JOEBOT, it is a chatbot where there would be an input. The JOEBOT, like a friend, responds to chats.

What are the challenges in combining school with your tech involvement?

Yes a lot! Right now, I do home schooling as against the recommendation of the proprietress of my school. My father had to make appeals for her to see reasons with this, but she rather recommends that I go through regular school. As a matter of fact, I have not been to school for three months since I started home schooling.

What advice do you have for parents, teachers and children of your generation?

I advise children of my generation be empowered in technology schools . This would make them be able to survive in the tech world of the nearest future. Very soon, basic duties like sewing of clothes and production in factories would be carried out by Robots. Already we find that Robots are doing so many human jobs , even communication is not only done physically but digitally.

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