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Nigeria To Witness Fourth Industrial Revolution

In a recently organised event by the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry , themed The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) -The Nigerian story in Lagos , Prof Umar Danbatta, the Executive Vice Chairman/CEO of the Nigerian Communications Commission said that the nation would be witnessing the 4IR in no due time.

Represented at the event by Ismail Adedigba , Head of the Information and Reference Consumer Affairs Bureau NCC, Prof Umar Danbatta enumerated the massive benefits of the 4IR saying, ”We are in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. During this era new tech are being created. This technology which includes the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Augumented Reality, Robotics, Cloud Computing, Big Data , Blockchain Tech, Advanced Security system and 3D printing era, which all have the capacity to enhance all the facets of life”.

He also mentioned that the 4IR would immensely transform the institutions, industries and individuals being, that it would touch on areas such as interconnectivity, foster monitoring of industries in real time, commission data management and so much more.
On the country’s involvement he acknowledged that “we are witnessing 4IR in Nigeria by our interaction with machine to man, man to machine, machine to machine. Instances of this are known to such services as the Medical, Financial service,transportation and other sectors”.

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”All the services that started the Fourth Industrial revolution are building in Nigeria in momentum, more 4G network and 5G services are deployed across the country . Let me assidiously state that all the services and technology that started the 4IR have started here in momentum. Conscious of this reality, the commission has constitutionally embarked on licensing Infrastructural companies (INFRACO) to complement existing infrastructure with mobile networks and providing quality employment for Nigerians”.

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