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Google Removes AdSense On iOS And Android Apps

Google Removes AdSense On iOS And Android Apps. Google has announced the removal of AdSense on iOS and Android applications. Before the announcement, AdSense was used by publishers to easily place adverts on their websites via mobile apps. Soon, AdSense will be only available on web platforms

More than a third of Google users access AdSense from their mobile devices to track views and revenues generated from adverts placed on their websites. The web application supports all platform and will deliver AdSense features optimized for mobile phones. Restrictions on mobile phones will make the current website a Progressive Web App that can be easily pinned to the user’s home screen.

The AdSense web platform is not responsive, meaning that the new Material Theme revamp used in the design does not make it suitable for mobile view. The design comes with more advanced features that do not apply to Android and iOS.

Google said that its vision for AdSense is to keep the user’s account healthy. It also lets you focus on churning out better contents and properly address issues demanding your attention. The web app is more interactive and promises a better user experience. All existing mobile apps will stop working after removal from App stores by the end of 2019.

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