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New Army Goggles Will Allow Facial Recognition

New Army Goggles Will Allow Facial Recognition. A modified gamer headset under development will allow soldiers to see through a drone’s eyes, aim around corners, and identify the faces of enemies in their sights, Defense One reported.

And it could be a reality “very soon,” the news outlet reported.

Army officials are testing a new headset that will potentially allow soldiers looking through them to recognize the faces of individuals in a crowd — and much more, including translate foreign language street signs into English, see through the eyes of nearby flying bug drones, and train anywhere in a semi-virtual environment.

“We’re going to demonstrate very, very soon, the ability, on body — if there are persons of interest that you want to look for and you’re walking around, it will identify those very quickly,” said Col. Chris Schneider, project manager for IVAS, at a U.S. Army Futures Command demonstration in Virginia, Defense One reported.

Army officials expect to demonstrate the drone view capability in October, but wide deployment is not expected until the mid 2020s.

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