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How Augmented Reality Benefitting Numerous Sectors Of The Economy

AR-powered games brought a revolution to the digital world, taking it all to an entirely new level. With more sophistication and premium feel, it thrilled every gamer to the core.

While the researchers are trying to pull out graphics from any display device by removing all barriers and integrating them into a real-world environment, the perception of viewing things has completely changed. All because of Augmented Reality (AR), but what it really is and how does it impact different sectors of the society?

What is Augment Reality?

It is a combination of real and virtual (computer generated) worlds that superimpose real-world elements like text, images and sound.

It works extraordinarily!

It does not create an artificial environment but deploys virtual image over real-world objects. It overlays computer-generated videos onto inputs received from the camera. The imposition of virtual images over real-world objects creates an illusion that effectively engages users.

How is Augmented Reality benefitting numerous sectors of the economy?

1. It is redefining the retail market

With the increase in buyers and customers, the retailers are finding new ways to capture the attention of buyers. Through augmented reality, users can have an immersive and personalized shopping experience from any corner of the world.

AR-powered apps allow customers to have in-depth information about the product like reviews, price, comparison, brand and look & feel – to name a few. The animations can help the user understand how a product works or functions.

Hence, a thorough examination of the product can be done before purchasing, all at the convenience of a smartphone or tablet.

2It is enhancing education

Although it’s not a new field, its application in the education industry is catching pace lately. Remember the old classrooms with blackboard and chalk. It’s not the case anymore. AR has changed the present education scenario. It is creating an opportunity for students to interact with the digitized environment enabling them to understand effectively.

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AR has brought a change in education by enabling a 3D view of different objects, plants and organs which permits understanding in a comprehensive manner. It is immensely contributing to the education process by making learning joyful with the help of attractive 3D models. One of the old concepts was to teach kids by games. The same is being done by AR today. AR inculcate students in problem-solving, multi-modal thinking, teamwork etc which in turn helps in the faster development of their brain.

3. It is revolutionising healthcare

Medical students had to rely a lot on books for learning and understanding. Now, AR technology allows them to visualise various body parts and helps them understand the human body better. The technology innovations provide 3D printed devices, biosensors and trackers, convenient care and health at a reduced cost.

Surgeons can monitor and study vitals while performing surgery, reducing risk at operations. It gives quick access to real-time patient data that can save lives. AR helps in improved precision during operations and reducing medical errors.

4. AR makes the entertainment industry more attractive

Ease of accessibility to powerful smartphones has led to a convergence of virtual reality and augmented reality. However, their application is not limited to gaming but to all forms of entertainment. AR is being extensively used in motion pictures, television and other media promotional activities. The science fiction technology is a reality now and has applications broadened beyond the gaming industry. The number of applications in this space is rapidly growing.

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It presents limitless boundaries for creators to substantiate their creativity, which provides a valuable experience to the users.

5. It makes travelling more fun

Travel guides are past now. AR-powered apps allow travellers to gain information about places in a detailed and structured format by simply scanning the surroundings. They even help in recognizing nearby restaurants and hotels with their reviews, public transport options, directions to other tourist spots through interactive maps and more.

Through AR, live training can be provided to soldiers to achieve a high level of warfighting readiness. The advanced development program helps to train soldiers for Armory, infantry and aviation. It helps soldiers visualize complex operational environment and prepares them to deal with such scenarios- mentally, physically and emotionally.

AR technology provides integrated GPS information and geo-registration which helps soldiers to know exactly where they are in any situation. The high-tech 3D maps help in tracking, navigation and reporting real-time information.

Locating enemies is never easy in a battle. AR technology is used to create eye equipment night vision glasses. These are handy for soldiers to fight even when the sun is down.


Augment reality is changing the way we see the world. Its purview is no longer restricted to mobile applications and games but has extended beyond. Businesses need to harness the immense potential of this amazing technology in varied industries including retail shopping, education, military, logistics, travel, healthcare and more. With augmented reality, a simple task of walking or driving down the street might not remain the same anymore. Viewers will have the privilege to see a new and more informative world, everywhere they look around, through their smart gadgets.

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