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How GenCo Lost 2,485MW To DisCos’ Low Demand, Transmission Constraint

About 2,485 megawatts (MW) of electricity could not be supplied to consumers last Friday due to low demand from the Distribution Companies (DisCos) and transmission line constraint. The System Operator’s (SO) daily report shows that 38MW was lost to transmission line constraint during the evacuation of power from Ibom Power. The Generation Company (GenCo) generated 110MW, but only 71.6MW was evacuated through the transmission line; leaving 38.4MW stranded.

However, the bulk of the electricity that was not gotten by consumers was traced to the low request of the 11 DisCos for energy which accounted for 2,447.2MW. The low demand affected 12 GenCos which were ready to deliver more energy if the DisCos wanted more.

The worst hit was Afam VI in Rivers State, while it only generated 220MW, it declared another 420MW available capacity that was not called up for evacuation to consumers.

Shiroro Hydropower Plant in Niger State was also greatly affected as 375MW of its energy was not taken into the grid; only 60MW was evacuated for consumption last Friday. Azura Plant lost 231MW and generated 75MW. Delta Power, Geregu Gas and Geregu NIPP equally lost 210MW each. In the case of Delta Power, it was completely shut down as its entire 201MW capacity was not taken because the DisCos reduced their load demand, the report indicated.

The least affected GenCos were Kainji and Olorunsogo Power – Kainji lost 20MW and Olorunsogo lost 22MW. The peak generation for the national electricity grid on Friday was 4,804MW, while the lowest generation was 3,482MW. However, as at Sunday, the peak generation began with 3,841MW.

The record has it that as at Saturday, the national grid performed optimally with peak generation rising to 5,016.5MW, but had the lowest power generation of 3,139.8MW at a certain point of that day. Presently, the national peak demand forecast is placed at 25,790MW.
The generation capacity for the about 26 GenCos is at 12,910.40MW; however, only 7,652MW capacity is available to generate electricity. The Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) said it could wheel 8,100MW of electricity from the GenCos, but the highest power distribution by the DisCos so far was 5,375MW; achieved in February, 2019.

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