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How To Best Optimise SEO Practices To Help Improve Search Rankings

SEO is in a constant flux. The search engines keep changing their expectations and hence what will decide the success of your SEO mission will keep changing.

Here are a few best SEO practices that can effectively improve search rankings .

Think on your own

You can achieve greater success by thinking uniquely, originally and on your own. You must aim for an uncontested market space rather than trying to fight head to head with the competitors.

Described as ‘Blue Ocean Strategy’, this method of finding your own unique road to travel is described as fishing in clear blue waters instead of struggling for dominance in the bloody waters infested by sharks.

Incorporate featured snippets

These days, featured snippets are highly popular among users.

They are a kind of box that pops up when you search answers to your questions. This feature rules out the need for the users to click a link.

Featured snippets are becoming a very important part of the user experience and make the user experience enjoyable and easy.

Destroy your zombie pages

Zombie pages were sought after long back. They are no more useful these days.

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Zombie pages provide no real value to your site’s traffic. They never provide any authority or web presence. They only add old and outdated content to your site.

They take the form of duplicate content. Usually every site has a few of them. If they grow to hundreds, they can be detrimental to the success of your site on the search engines.

Clustering content can do you so much good

Topic clusters can be a highly effective SEO tool that is yet to be explored by a lot of sites. These days, search engines have changed their algorithms to benefit the content that is structured as per topic clusters.

In this arrangement, your website will have to become a kind of single pillar with the pages serving as the primary hubs of information. From this hub, the subtopics will have connections via link.

Facilitate voice search

Voice search has come to prominence in 2019. More than half of the search queries today happen via mobiles. More than 20 percent of the queries submitted via mobiles is today voice based.

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Explore the queries inputted by users on voice search and incorporate them into your content  This can help significantly in your SEO mission.

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