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NABDA Develops Solution For Waste Conversion To Biogas

National Biotechnology Development Agency (NABDA) has invented an Anaerobic Digestion Technology (ADT) digesters which can convert organic wastes to biogas. The invention is spearheaded by the Environmental Biotechnology and Bioconservation Department (EBD) of the agency

Speaking at the unveiling of the prototype biodigesters and biomethane process optimisation test systems in Abuja, Dr Gloria Obioh, head of the department, said the three modular digesters (BEGS L250, BEGS L500 and BEGS L1000) were all designed and fabricated by the scientist in the department.

She said the three sizes of the Biogas Electricity Generating Sets (BEGS) will be used for cooking and electricity generation for households and Micro Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (MSME).

Obloh noted that the invention would “contribute significantly to national development are the design and fabrication of biodigesters adapted to local conditions, local patenting of the products, contribution to organic wastes management which accounts to a minimum of 50 per cent municipal solid wastes in Nigeria.” She said the invention will also contribute “to energy generation, food security and job creation across all the value chains.”

Obloh stated that the department plans to up-scale, commercialise and market its Small Digester Unit (SUDs) to support the economy and build long-term Large Digester Units (LUD) that could supply larger-scale infrastructure with biogas and electricity off-grid and on-grid.

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While calling for more investment to support the commercialisation phase of the programme, Obloh opined that investment in Anaerobic Digestion Technology (ADT) has the potential to leap-frog Nigeria to energy, food security and environmental sustainability in Africa.

In his opening remarks, Prof Alex Akpa, acting director-general/CEO, NABDA, said the rising need for the reduction of pollution and re-use of Biodegradable Organic Feedstock (BOF) such as food and agro-related, sewage sludge and municipal organic wastes has necessitated the development of the biodigesters.

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