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How To Make Money Online Without Paying A Dime

How To Make Money Online Without Paying A Dime . Youths in Nigeria are faced with several problems and one of them is unemployment. The United Nations announced that Nigeria has overtaken India as the poverty capital of the world. Which means that an estimated 90 million people are living in abject poverty.

This has a serious implication for the youths as it means that getting a job in the current economic climate is very hard. According to statistics from the National Bureau of Statistics, about 21 million youths are currently unemployed and it does not take into account the number of students in University who might graduate anytime soon and join the labour market.

As bleak as the future looks for most youths in Nigeria, all hope is not lost as there is a way out of this vicious cycle and it’s entrepreneurship or self-employment. Been self-employed in Nigeria is one-way to beat this ugly trend of unemployment. One might wonder with the state of things how possible is it to be an entrepreneur in Nigeria? Which seems next to impossible.

In truth, the infrastructure in the country does not encourage entrepreneurship as you’ll need to have a huge capital to set up a small business. Getting such capital for youths whose friends or family are not from the upper class is a massive problem and another challenge is that no financial institution will provide a loan for an entrepreneur or youth to start up a business.

Another problem is inflation as the cost of goods and services in the country has risen significantly, which makes things harder for the upcoming entrepreneur. What about other facilities like good roads and stable electricity? they’re literally non-existent as these infrastructures are in a severe state of decay.

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As disheartening as the situation may look, you can still be an entrepreneur in Nigeria with little or no capital. Everything you need to start up is most likely in your hands already or is within reach. Without having to resort to cybercrime, making money online legitimately is what most Nigerian youths are doing these days.

Thanks to the advent of digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, and the likes, most youths engage in trading Bitcoin crypto or selling gift cards. What they simply do is that they buy it at these digital assets at a lower rate and they resell at a higher rate to thousands of customers who are eagerly waiting to buy from them. And all they need to start up is a smartphone, tablet or laptop, and a stable internet connection.

This may sound too good to be true, but for those who haven’t joined the trend, its obvious they’ve missed a lot. Several Nigerian students in universities who need extra cash have taken advantage of this, as some people now take it as their full-time job and they’re earning income in this harsh economy.

For those wondering how to start, it’s quite easy, all you have to do is sign up with CoinCola. Coincola is the best OTC bitcoin trading platform in the entire country. They’ve made it easy to trade bitcoin and gift cards in Nigeria.

The ‘Buy Bitcoin in Nigeria’ Page on CoinCola

There are no hidden charges with Coincola as their primary aim is for those trading on their platform to make a profit. The best part about Coincola is that there are several Chinese buyers on the platform willing to buy gift cards, especially iTunes gift cards and Amazon gift cards, at higher rates due to the fact that it’s not easily available to them, and luckily for most Nigerians, they have access to these gift cards are willing to sell.

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To buy Bitcoin in Nigeria has never been this easy as Coincola provides several ways with which you can buy Bitcoin or any crypto (BTC, EOS, LTC, ETH, USDT, BCH and lots more) with fiat in different currencies (US dollar, Pounds, Naira, Euro, etc.)

Another thing of joy with using Coincola is the fact that they have the best security system in the world and they do not relent on their oars, they have security experts that make use of state of the art defense systems to protect user assets and data from hackers.

Their user interface is also simple to use even for newbies and it’s supported on several platforms like desktop, Android or iOS which the app can downloaded from their respective stores. For inquiries or assistance, Coincola has a customer care service that responds to user queries or complaints 24/7, why not give Coincola a try today?

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