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Former Google Employee Confirms YouTube Influenced Search Results

Software engineer Mike Wacker, until recently an employee of Google, confirmed that the tech giant reordered its YouTube search results for “Federal Reserve” following criticism by left-wing MSNBC host Chris Hayes.

In a tweet, Wacker confirmed the details of report — that Google, which owns YouTube, manually added the term “Federal Reserve” to its blacklist of “controversial YouTube search queries” a day after Hayes complained about the original results, which featured a number of videos critical of the Fed.

Wacker previously authored an article on Medium.com in which he challenged Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s claim, made under oath before Congress, that the company doesn’t “manually intervene” in any search result.

“Since I didn’t cover it in the Medium post, the blacklist entries related to the Federal Reserve were added on Sep 7, 2018, a day after [Chris Hayes] sent his tweets complaining about YouTube search results for that topic,” wrote Wacker in a tweet earlier today.

Mike Wacker @m_wacker

In his Medium post earlier this year, Wacker also confirmed that he was the author of an internal Google discussion thread about the full YouTube search blacklist, which reordered a number of search results for political topics, including the search terms “abortion,” “abortions,” “Maxine Waters” and “David Hogg.

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