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Ten Ideas On How To Grow Interactivity In E-Commerce Stores

Ten ideas on how to grow interactivity in e-commerce stores. Online stores gain more and more popularity in the world due to their easier accessibility and variety of items offered. People no longer wish to go out and look for a specific product. They can do that with their computers or mobile devices.

But while the e-commerce stores have a distinct edge here, they have one major downside as compared to offline stores.

Offline stores deal with customers face-to-face, so they understand what customers want much more quickly.

While online stores cannot see their customers, they have lower chances of feeling how happy the customer was. Inaccurate understanding of the customers’ needs decreases the chances of fast development.

Hence, it is vital to build up ideas on customer relationships and better interaction to maintain stable development. Here are 10 ideas for e-commerce stores on how to interact better with their customers.

User-friendly website

This is one of the critical components of having a successful working e-commerce store. Although most people decline assistance in shops, they still end up asking at least a couple of questions to the sales consultant.

The first thing to pay attention here is website navigation. The users might not always be tech-literate, so you have to make sure they don’t get lost on the website. It is useful to have a well-organised user interface with straightforward sections, FAQ section, user manuals and hints.

Advanced SEO

An optimized search engine is a pledge for better customer experience and a higher level of satisfaction. You have to make sure the customers can find anything that your website offers. This is not a difficult task, considering that you have a lot of space to use essential keywords in product description parts.

One of the main secrets here is not to highlight what the product can do, but how it is better than others. This adds an additional element of advertisement to your products.

Encouragement for user reviews

It is a lovely touch when the company hears the customers’ complaints or requests.

You can make them feel so by giving them individual prizes for reviews, such as coupons or discounts. Those giveaways are going to return to you sooner or later.

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Besides this, feedback can give you an overall sense of what you need to improve. As much as you can achieve, there is always going to be a room for improvement. So, this is a great chance to know your weak points and improve them.

Loyalty prizes

Everyone—especially customers—like to feel special. Since e-commerce is entirely electronic, it is easier to have a database of loyal customers.

You can treat them with special offers, discounts, prize cards, or whatever you can come up with. Also, it is also helpful to have special offers on customers’ birthdays or any other special day of the year.

Functional customer support

Uncommon situations are likely to happen every day.

It is better to have different channels of communication in the customer support department. Phone number and email is a must.

Additionally, you can add private chat, which can be the most used way of contact with your company.

Credibility and trust

Customers may feel uncomfortable shopping online for various reasons.

They may be afraid that items will get lost, shipping will take longer, the item won’t be as it is shown or money might be stolen.

These kinds of issues don’t exist in offline shops. Therefore, you need to make sure your customer feels comfortable and trusts you so that you continue selling later.

It is also helpful to provide them with an approximate date range. Knowing the possible receiving date of the order will give the customers an additional feeling of security.

Social media marketing

Social media is a great tool to use for promoting any goods. It is especially helpful when advertising an online shop. Almost half of the human population uses social media.

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Therefore, it is very likely to have a successful marketing campaign there.

Besides having the advertisements on social media, you also need to maintain activity on your page.

Keep posting and sharing stories once or twice a day. If analytics show higher engagement rates, you can make even more posts. You can use celebrities or famous bloggers as well. There so many of them now that you can negotiate almost any condition you want.

The most common ways of cooperation with famous people are promo codes and reviews. They may review their product and post that on their webpages, whereby the large part of their viewers will see it. They may also suggest specific codes to use and get some per cent off their order.

Text marketing

Besides SMM, you can also use text message marketing, which has almost identical pricing and effectiveness. Due to the abundance of international communication providers, you can get cheaper packages of text messages to whichever country you want.

Text messages grab the customer’s attention more, so the chances are high that your promotion message will reach to the audience. SMS will come handy for the customers’ financial transactions as well. It adds a better feeling of security and privacy.

Shop design

It is crucial to make the design of the shop as creative as possible. Quite often, it is useful to make the shop look real.

This may not apply to all of them, but at least the clothing shops can use various visuals to make the customers see how specific items fit people. Having different angles of things is a nice touch too.

Visual attractions

Your website will look bland and unattractive if you put up only the items that you sell. For better engagement, you need to add visuals like videos, photos or slides.

The purpose of those visuals is to present how your product can be in reality.

These kinds of attractions make the customers get the products, especially when they present something that the customer would desire.

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