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How Is Tech Developing CX For Hospitality Businesses

It is often said that in the digital era, customer experience (CX) is what provides a competitive edge to businesses.

In the hospitality industry, therefore, businesses are using emerging technologies to deliver delightful experiences all the time.

For example, Marriott International Hotels is trialing facial recognition check-in technology at two Marriott International properties in China – Hangzhou Marriott Hotel Qianjiang and Sanya Marriott Hotel Dadonghai Bay to improve its guests’ experience.

They are also currently testing voice-activated in-room assistants where guest could ask for advise and tips when visiting different countries.

Pepsi, on the other hand, recently launched a new “Foodservice Digital Lab” to provide restaurant owners with intelligent insights about their customers and to help them understand how technology adoption can improve the experience they provide.

However, experts are arguing that the hospitality industry is only getting started in terms of innovative solutions.

Much like other industries, the hospitality sector has quickly come to realize that CX is an excellent way of gaining a competitive advantage. Here are some of the ways technology is transforming CX in the hospitality industry:

#1 | Unprecedented levels of personalization

Being fully aware of the benefits that might come their way, customers are more willing to share their data with their favorite businesses.

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Organizations, such as hotels, can analyze this data using AI-powered platforms to customize the guest experience and provide them with better deals.

Beyond that, hotels could also serve their guests better by offering them a bottle of their favorite wine or a complimentary plate of their favorite food items, if they knew their preferences beforehand.

#2 | Increased customer engagement

Consumers in the digital era are always connected and easy to reach. Businesses should be making the most out of this by reaching out and engaging with customers on all available channels.

Anything from location-based services and tech lounges will ensure guest and customers are well engaged, while at the same time fostering brand loyalty.

#3 | Greater automation

Automation is everywhere, and it is changing how services are delivered in the hospitality industry. There are now robot cooks that can prepare burgers, stir or shake martinis, and even provide bellhop services.

Hotel guests could easily use high tech wearables, which allow for seamless shopping and hands-free entry to their rooms, among other things.

Furthermore, businesses could also be deploying chatbots to answer customer queries, allowing them to handle a higher volume of questions at once.

#4 | Ultra-targeted marketing

All the data that consumers prove, be it via direct engagement or social media, will ultimately enable businesses to target the right customers with appropriate promotional campaigns.

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The truth is, no one enjoys the blanket, mass advertisement anymore. Customers are more willing to tune in and pay attention if businesses are offering the services that they seek.


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