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Candide Label, Augmented Reality Used In New Plant Identification App

Candide Label allows user to identify plants just by pointing their phone camera at them. The app also allow the user to access a vast database of information shared by horticulturalists. The app could increase individual awareness on the environment while allowing users to identify potential invasive species.

Candide Label is the second app created by app developers, Candide. The first app created by Candide was intended to be a way of connecting passionate gardener. A concept which the creators have built on in creating Candide Label.

Candide Label’s main feature is plant identification. However, users are able to access a map of the local wildlife and public gardens. Not only will this encourage users to visit more public gardens, it will also increase their knowledge of local wildlife. This increased exposure will hopefully inspire users to increase the biodiversity of their own gardens.

Named after Voltaire’s novel Candide, which follows the protagonist through his journey of experiencing extreme hardships then finding peace in the garden he cultivated, app developers intend on creating the same feeling of peace in it’s users.

In order to encourage users to cultivate their gardens, the app allows users to browse garden centres from their phone. While providing users with information on a vast number of plants, users can make an informed decision on which plants are better suited to their gardens.

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The founder of Candide, Andrew Philbrick, said: “Expanding on our sucess, Candide Labels is a really useful and practical tool. You can have your plant list in your pocket and share it with others at any time…It also means you can avoid having to insert plastic labels into your beds which makes it great for sustainability.”

Horticulturist, Philip White MBE, from Hestercombe House and Gardens, said “A personalised garden tour together with in-depth visitor interpretation…Candide offers the perfect combination.”

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