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Nassarawa State To Generate 1000MW Electricity From Coal

At the inauguration of street solar powered lights of two kilometers length, the governor of Nassarawa state Abdullahi Sule said that electricity would now be generated for the entire state from the abundance of coal from Obi local government area.
He stated that the state will partner with General Electric to process and generate 1000 MW of electricity for the state use.

This buttresses the commitment of the present administration in creating self reliance and sufficiency in energy for Nassarawa state. Apart from the immense growth that this promises to bring in the state’s power sector , the Governor admitted that the coal generation project would create job opportunities due to the Coal Mine that would be established thereby giving their economy an overall boost.

In actualisation of the project the firm General Electric has set out to relocate four turbines for the processing of these coal deposits from South Africa to Obi L.G.A

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