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Five Simple Ways To Give Your Old Smartphone A Speed Boost – Expert

Expert has revealed five simple ways to boost your smartphone – including managing your apps and clearing cached data

If you’ve had the same smartphone for a few years, you’ve probably noticed your device becoming slower over time.

But before you fork out for a new smartphone, there are a number of things you can do to give your old handset a speed boost.

“While there is no hard and fast solution to fixing a slow phone, we hope that following these steps will help make your phone run as quickly and efficiently as possible.”

1. Clear cached data

The cache is your smartphone’s storage system that gives the device data from previous uses before carrying out an action.

“When a cache is full, the device will have to scan its entire memory for the required data, which can be a big drain on loading times.

“Simply clearing space in a phone’s cache will have a noticeable impact on the time it takes to open web pages, run apps and complete actions.”


To clear the cache on your iPhone, go to Settings > Safari > ’Clear History and Website Data’ > ’Clear History & Data’.

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On an Android, clear your cache by going to Settings > Storage > Other Apps. Find the app you want to clear, click on it and select Clear Cache.

2. Manage your apps

If your apps aren’t managed effectively, they can drain your phone’s performance.

mobiles.co.uk said: “Deleting any unused apps will help to free up memory, which in turn improves your handset’s processing power.

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“Similarly, for apps that update regularly like Twitter and Facebook , it may be beneficial to periodically delete and reinstall them.

“This is because when apps update, the previous version is not deleted, but overwritten by the new update, and over time this can increase the amount of memory taken up by the app.”

3. Update to the latest operating system

If your phone is using an old operating system, it can slow your device down.

mobiles.co.uk explained: “Carrying out regular recommended updates will ensure that your device will always be running the most up to date browser, noticeably improving your browsing experience.”

4. Performance enhancing apps

There are several apps you can download to help improve your phone’s performance.

“Downloading a task manager app for example, can help give you control over which apps are activated as part of the boot up process every time you turn your phone on.

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“Limiting the number of apps that are activated upon starting up will shorten the amount of time it takes your device to ‘wake up’ once you’ve switched it on. You can also find apps that help to clear cache space, as mentioned above.”

5. Replace the battery

Finally, replacing your battery can help to give your old smartphone a boost.

“Modern phone batteries do much more than just powering the handset, as they are integral to how a phone operates.

For Apple users, your battery can be update in an Apple Store or licensed care provider, or by posting the phone to Apple.

Meanwhile, for Androids the process varies by manufacturer, although many offer similar walk in/postal services.

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