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Unilag Engineering Students Exhibit Inventions

Students of Engineering in the University of Lagos exhibited their various inventions at the just concluded Engineering Career Expo, ECX 2019 at the school’s Main Auditorium . Prior to the event, students who made presentations had been on a seven months intensive workshop training. A Discussant panel that comprised of seasoned Engineers and experts in the other fields of life presented a session on making the best out of ones Engineering Career in the real world.

Kayode Akinsola a business Lawyer, who was also a member of the panel stated that we are not in a philosophical age like early times but rather in a digital Industrial age, hence organisations are in the look out for people who could produce digital solutions. He stressed on the need for Engineering students to look out for meaningful internships that will build them and make them real problem solvers.

Micheal Adesanya the head of Fashion and Beauty, Jumia Nigeria and also an Alumnus of the institution advised on the need for self discovery and focus by giving a personal account of the unsavoury and challenging situation he faced in the Nigerian job market despite bagging a first class degree. Summarily, the five man panel advised on the need for innovation, focus and continuous hardwork.

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At the exhibition, five teams made presentations of their inventions . Team A presented a Vacuum Cleaner Simulation, a robot that aided in domestic chores. Veboe Chat, an application that ideals in preventing social media distraction was created by another team. An Optical Character Recognition was created by team C. A team also carried out a project on a GP calculator and past questions Web application that helped students study online.

One of the teams presented SLAB, an application for Structural Engineers with reinforced manual design (RMD); it helps recreate designs for structural projects and has several other amazing features.

The session was indeed a refreshing one that would gear engineering students to venture into the resplendent horizons of tech inventions.

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