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Google Puts An End To Its Service

Google puts an end to its service. Network operators would probably not be ending the day on a very good note as Google has decided to stop offering one of its services that is of significant importance, to them.

Stories have surfaced that Google had some concerns with data protection and some other issues and therefore to prevent future complications or backlash, have decided to take some precautionary measures by putting an end to the services that are linked with this concerns.

The service that fell under this butchers axe was the Mobile Network Insight (MNI) free service that offers appraisal reports for telecommunications companies based on data gotten from users. Using the Location History feature on their platform, Google was able to show broadband operators how good or bad their network coverage was, globally.

Not forgetting their data scandal, however, concerning this same Location Feature also used in the MNI service, they ensured that they obtained consent from users and employed the use of aggregators to remove any connection to the individuals through which they had gotten the data, before handing it over to the network providers. They say once beaten twice shy and so even with the way they had designed this service to prevent former mistakes, they are still saying goodbye to it.

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There are speculations, however, that apart from data privacy concerns; issues with quality assurance (data), lack of proactive measures by network providers to make changes based on the data given, and changing of product priorities, could be pointed out as the other reasons for putting a stop to this peculiar service.

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