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The Challenge Of Data Protection

The challenge of data protectionIn this age of digital disruption, we have so many applications and software out there that has brought about the phenomenon of data gathering, storage, and protection. When we sign up on the web to use these innovations, we are always asked to input information about ourselves and to also create a password which they claim is to prevent others from gaining access to our profile – and on some level, this is the case. In other situations, some people are very careful about what they put online, but they do not realize that when they go for that training, workshop, seminar, conference or even church retreat and are given a registration form to fill, it is for data collection still.

So, inevitably, most of us in this digital era have some sort of data out there, either in the cloud or in physical space, and in all honesty, we are not going to be the only ones privy to these. Most, if not all technological savvy companies, store client or consumer information which could include your passwords, your activities on their platforms, and even your location – where you have been and with whom, all these depending on the kind of medium and what the company needs – they keep these records by themselves or use the services of some third-parties, that thrives on data.

Many people today do not have this knowledge, they do not know what is being done with their data, and they are completely clueless about the concept of data protection, but it is imperative that we start paying attention to these because whether we like it or not, every individual using a Smartphone or device connected to the internet is generating a lot of data every day without even knowing it and similarly this data is being stored and used by someone else.

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Companies such as Facebook in the past have been clamped on by regulators for issues related to user data. It should interest you to know that the data security issue is still a thing in 2019. A company known as Suprema recently just experienced a security breach on its online security database system referred to as BioStar 2.

This security breach left both users (personal and business) and company information open to anyone. Everyone with information on that platform became very vulnerable to criminal attacks because their biometric details and passwords were exposed – millions of data.

Merely looking, one might not fully understand the consequences of a data leak. Simply put, if anyone with bad motives or intentions, had access to this information, they can do a lot of damage. They would have been granted access to all the accounts on the platform which gives them leeway to change settings, and many other worrisome things, if they so choose. There was a lot at stake with this breach.

We must grasp that data is sensitive and ultimately there is a need for its protection. If you still cannot see the significance of information, then I do not know how else to explain it.

The company that recently experienced this breach were scrutinized for how they stored passwords carelessly – what they did is inexcusable and unpardonable. To reiterate, it is appalling and there is simply no excuse for any company to handle data recklessly especially sensitive information about other people even if the only party benefiting is you. Data should be guarded with at least the best firewalls.

As consumers and users of some of these security database products or services we must ensure we thoroughly do our homework because sensitive data falling into the wrong hands can bring about the end of the world – climate change and natural disasters are already doing a good job, let us not hasting it by handing the lives of others to the wrong people.

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Asides from this instance with ‘BioStar 2’, we can also use the instance of the ‘Face App’ commotion that looked like it sprung up out of nowhere. A lot of biometric information was gotten by the developers of that app but many only began to know what they had gotten involved in after they had used it, as the terms and conditions part contained sketchy clauses that are a source for concern, but of course, most people never took the time to read it till it was brought to their notice what was written. We can only anticipate and imagine what would become of that database.

There is a lot of data extortion, misuse, and mismanagement going on under our noses and it would only continue to get worse if the right action is not taken. Data – data – data is life, especially in the age of technology and all its innovations – in all truth; it has its pecks, but while we enjoy these benefits, let us also be sensitive and clear-headed when we make use of our devices.

While we may agree that no data is a hundred per cent protected, there is need to always have contingency plans – whatever that represents for you, like a receiver or giver, and if you can reduce your footprint on the webspace – please do so. You do not have to fill out every pop-up you see on your browser or download the latest app released – ensure you verify whatever software or app you intend to use and let us all try to be safe on these streets – there are a lot of data predators roaming around. Data security consciousness should be a ‘thing’.

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