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Countries And Businesses In The Light Of Energy Supply

While we struggle to get a few watts of energy, once in a while from the utility companies here in Nigeria, countries and businesses are ensuring that they give their citizens and consumers stable electricity or in the case of the tariff, ensuring that they are at least affordable.

One of such countries is our neighbour Ghana; who through great strategies, good leadership, and foresight, have successfully provided constant electricity supply to its people, to the point of having an excess amount of it to deal with. Their challenge at the moment is in fact how to manage the amount of electricity they are getting. In a bid to tackle the energy challenges they were experiencing for years, they sought the help of about three different energy firms to ensure that they solve the problem and generate enough energy.

These firms in line with their contracts, supplied energy on a pre-paid basis, which meant that Ghanaians would receive and pay for electricity whether or not they consume everything that was generated – go big or go home. This solution however, has had its downsides as there is now an issue of excess power – whoever thought a place like Ghana, who about a few years ago was still struggling with outages and economic challenges, could be having such a juicy problem, one that Nigerians would not mind having to deal with in a moment’s notice.

There is an imbalance in the demand and supply of energy as the amount of power being generated now average 5,000 MW is more than what is needed in Ghana. This has led to a contract re-evaluation to make the payment structure for government, post-paid and this simply means that only the electricity consumed (almost 3,000 MW), would be what is paid for – in my opinion, except the left-over electricity can be sold to neighbouring countries in need of it. This is a more reasonable and logical decision, in contrast to what is obtained previously.

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Now to companies that are being innovative with their products and brand strategies, we have ‘Tesla’. It should interest you to know that this company has added services that would grant people like you and me – but of course in another country, easier access to power and a clean one at that.

The future is now, we can say this company knows it, and are putting structures in place to ensure that they are a part of it. In the light of environmental sustainability and clean energy, individuals who cannot afford to buy and own solar panels for their houses can now access these Tesla options, through a subscription-based payment system – aka renting. The rates for doing this are very affordable at less than 70 dollars, and these rental services are available to people in some parts of the United States of America who are landlords – a criterion for benefiting from the service.

Yes, the clause that stipulates that customers must be the owner of the house they stay in if they intend to make use of the rental service is a fair clause as human beings can be quite mischievous and irrational. The logic being that if they are staying in a rented apartment and for some reason can not afford to pay for the Tesla service anymore, they could easily move out of the house to avoid the bill. On the other hand, if they own the house, it would be harder to just get up and leave as they can easily be traced, and most likely, there is a chance that this category of people would not abandon their houses.

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They are a business and not a charity organization, so certain clauses such as being a home-owner before you can rent and also a fine for requesting removal of the installed meter in a situation that you no longer want to engage their services are in the mix.

The world is moving forward and every day, people and groups are thinking of ways to improve the standard of living – all it takes is commitment and the right intentions. There are a lot of problems around us, pick one and develop a solution – we all have a part to play in the development of the world around us.

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