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Expert Warns, Sex Robots Could Easily Malfunction And Attack Users

While sex robots were once objects restricted to the world of science fiction, they’re very much a reality these days.

As their name suggests, these robots are designed for sex, but now one expert has warned that sexbots could ‘easily’ malfunction and attack users.

He said: “It scares me to death, it’s a machine and it’s always going to be a machine. It’s not going to be something you can hit with a pipe and it’s going to fall apart.

“It’s going to be more durable, instead of having bones it’s going to have high impact, plastic or aluminium frame, it’s going to be very strong, and it won’t get tired, it won’t stop unless it runs out of an energy supply.

“It’s been programmed, and more than likely it’s going to be answering to a cloud server of some kind to get updated to have any kind of work done on AI itself, it will have to link to the server.

“And it wouldn’t stop until those things occurred. Put it this way it can put its arm around your neck and just stop you from breathing, and you wouldn’t be able to get away from it, something as simple as that, a simple hug could be a constriction that could literally compress your chest and airway and stop you breathing.

Brick’s warning comes shortly after futurologist Dr Ian Pearson claimed that there should be ‘visual laws’ in place to stop sex robtos from looking too realistic.

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He explained: “It’s possible (we won’t know the difference) but regulation may force some visible difference to be conspicuous.”

“Unless you can stop it with some kind of projectile, like a gun or something like that, if this thing got out of control it could do some serious damage.”

Worryingly, Brick claims that all it takes is one bad line of code for the sexbot to turn against its user.

He added: “If you make one mistake and you have a line of bad code in there and it hits this line of bad code, depending on what it’s doing or where it’s at or numerous other instances, it could just decide this is what it’s supposed to do.

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