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Five Ways Google Assistant Can Help You Cheat With Homework

Google Assistant, the artificial intelligence built into all Android phones and smart Home speakers, is useful for all sorts of things.

It can set timers in the kitchen, play your favourite music or read you the news headlines; it can also adjust the light and temperature in your home.

Now, with the start of a new academic year looming, Google claims its Assistant can help everyone around the family home slip back into the school routine.

From double checking equations to helping translate tricky phrases, the Assistant is a one stop shop for homework help, according to Google.

Meanwhile, the new Assistant reminder feature will ensure you never forget a sports kit again.

But although it can be a great learning tool, it can also enable children to cheat, so make sure they’re always supervised when using Google Assistant.

5 ways Google Assistant can help with homework:

Set reminders

If your child struggles with remembering what homework is due and when, set up reminders using Google Assistant.

Just say “OK Google, set a reminder” and answer the Assistant’s questions to save the reminder.

At the beginning of the homework session ask, “Hey Google, what are my reminders?” to know exactly what needs to be studied that evening.

Set study timers

Studies show that frequent breaks during tasks can lead to  better concentration and higher productivity .

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With Google Assistant, you can schedule revision breaks to help make study time more effective.

“OK Google, set my revision timer” will create a timer named ‘My Revision’ and ask you how long you want the timer to last. Once the timer goes off, let your child know it’s break time.



Studying foreign languages can be tricky, especially if you don’t know the language your child is studying.

Google Assistant can help get you up to speed by answering questions like:

  • “Hey Google, what is the German word for bathroom?”
  • “OK Google, what does “n’est-ce pas” mean?”
  • “Hey Google, how do you say milk in Spanish?”

Use it as a calculator

Have you ever checked your child’s maths homework and had no idea if the answer is correct? Thankfully, Google can help with equation solving abilities.

For example, you can ask, “OK Google, what is pi times 49 squared?” Google Assistant will answer back, “The answer is 7,542.96.”

We test new Google Assistant's sense of humour

Google Assistant can also teach you and your child how to solve more complex problems by pointing you to tutorials.

For example, you can say, “Hey Google, show me how to find the second derivative of a function” and Google will search for a YouTube video on the subject like this one from Khan Academy  and display it on devices with a screen like a smartphone, tablet or Google Nest Hub. 

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Assistant can also help you learn more about particular topics – just say “Hey Google, talk to Physics Buddy” or “Hey Google, ask Chinese Tones to play a game”. 

Assignable Reminders

Assignable reminders allow you to assign reminders to family members, friends, or roommates with your Google Assistant.

For example, you can ask Assistant to remind your partner or family member to do things like pick up groceries, pay a recurring bill or walk the dog.

To assign a reminder, try asking your Assistant: “Hey Google, remind James to take out the bins at 8pm.”

James will get a notification on his phone, as well as any Assistant-enabled Smart Displays you might have at home.

He will be notified once when the reminder is created, so that it’s on his radar, and again at the exact time you asked your Assistant to remind him.

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