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Google Set To Launch Android 10 -Here Are All The Features We Expect

It’s the operating system that underpins many of the most popular smartphones in the world, and now Android is set for a huge update.

The latest version of the OS, Android 10, is rumoured to launch today on Google Pixel smartphones , including the Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL, Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL.

The rumour comes from Canadian mobile carrier Rogers, which revealed today as the roll-out date on a publicly available schedule of upgrades.

While Google is yet to confirm that Android 10 will be rolled out today, today’s date fits with last year’s launch schedule.

To whet your appetite, here are all the key features we expect in Android 10.

1. New name

While Google has previously named its Android updates after desserts and sweet treats, r this year’s update will simply be called Android 10.

Google explained: “Our engineering team has always used internal code names for each version, based off of tasty treats, or desserts, in alphabetical order.

“This naming tradition has become a fun part of the release each year externally, too. But we’ve heard feedback over the years that the names weren’t always understood by everyone in the global community.

“As a global operating system, it’s important that these names are clear and relatable for everyone in the world. So, this next release of Android will simply use the version number and be called Android 10.”

2. New logo

Along with the new name, Google has also revealed that Android 10 will have a new logo.

The logo features the iconic Android robot, and has been changed from green to black.

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Google explained: “It’s a small change, but we found the green was hard to read, especially for people with visual impairments. The logo is often paired with colours that can make it hard to see—so we came up with a new set of colour combinations that improve contrast.”

3. Better security and privacy

In the hopes of protecting its users, Google has added several new security and privacy feature to Android 10.

The OS will now require apps to request permissions more frequently when accessing users’ location data, as well as improved encryption, thanks to support for the TLS.13 standard.

Meanwhile, the Privacy and Location menus will be placed in the same spot in Settings – regardless of which device the OS is running on.

(Image: Getty Images/Cultura RF)

Android 10 will be the first OS to support both foldable and 5G smartphones.

When the operating system was still called Android Q, Google explained: “Android Q is designed to support the potential of foldable devices—from multi-tasking to adapting to different screen dimensions as you unfold the phone.

“And as the first operating system to support 5G, Android Q offers app developers tools to build for faster connectivity, enhancing experiences like gaming and augmented reality.”

5. System-wide dark mode

Android 10 is expected to introduce a system-wide dark mode, much to the delight of users.

Rumours suggest that users will be able to toggle the easy-on-the-eyes design on and off directly from the Quick Settings menu.

6. Wave goodbye to the back button

One of the biggest changes we expect to see in Android 10 is the removal of the back button.

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While the OS previously featured a back button in the bottom left of the screen, this is rumoured to be replaced by a gesture-based navigation.

Users will now have to swipe the screen in from the left or right edge to go back, according to rumours.

7. Live caption

Another new feature is Live Caption, which automatically captions media playing audio on your phone, should you want it.

Google explained: “With a single tap, Live Caption will automatically caption media that’s playing audio on your phone.

“Live Caption works with videos, podcasts and audio messages, across any app—even stuff you record yourself. As soon as speech is detected, captions will appea0r0, 0without ever needing Wifi or cell phone data, and without any audio or captions leaving your phone.”

8. Smart replies

Android 10 also uses on-device machine learning to power a Smart Reply feature.

“Smart Reply will now also intelligently predict your next action—for example, if someone sends you an address, you can just tap to open that address in Maps.”

9. Focus mode

As part of its Digital Wellbeing toolkit, Android 10 includes a new Focus mode, which is designed to help you focus without distraction.

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