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LG’s Jaw-Dropping 88 Inch 8k Model TV Is Now Available To Buy

LG’s enormous 8K OLED TV is now coming to markets worldwide following its initial launch in South Korea earlier this year.

The electronics giant announced today that it has begun rolling out two 8K models – the OLED and NanoCell TVs – in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Germany.

This includes the mammoth 88-inch OLED model, which will sell for an eye-watering $42,000.

At CES 2019, 8K TVs were arguably one of the biggest trends being showcased by gadgetmakers, with LG, Samsung and Sony all jumping into the fray.

LG’s OLED88Z9P is now the largest and highest-resolution OLED TV on the market, according to CNET.

The screen is a whopping 88 inches with 8K Ultra HD resolution, or four times the pixels of a 4K TV.

LG also said it’s the largest OLED TV it has ever shipped.

‘The TV employs an advanced panel with over 33 million self-emitting pixels to deliver LG OLED TV’s iconic picture quality, ensuring the most lifelike colors in a wide viewing angle, an infinite contrast ratio and true blacks,’ LG said in a statement.

It utilizes LG’s Alpha intelligent processor to provide a clearer and brighter picture on screen.

LG first debuted the 8K TV earlier this year at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, where it was met with great fanfare. Other firms like Samsung and Sony displayed similar tech

While LG is the first to bring an 8K OLED TV to market, there's still little 8K content out there. For example, neither Netflix nor Hulu, or cable TV, supports 8K content yet

LG said the processor uses AI to ‘optimize content,’ such as reducing noise and perfecting brightness, but it doesn’t go into much more detail beyond that.

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An algorithm also helps to improve the TV’s audio quality – something it’s capable of doing on its own, without user controls.

‘Deep learning significantly improves output by analyzing source content to produce enhanced sound effects in movies, deeper bass in music and clearer voices in sporting events,’ LG said.

‘Users can adjust the sound to suit viewing conditions or let the TV set the best sound levels based on the environment.’

That should address the issue that 8K is still in its infancy, making it difficult to find content that’s super high-res.

Users can watch some 8K YouTube videos and 8K Blu-ray content, but streaming services like Netflix and Hulu don’t support 8K resolution yet.

Rather, the TV’s onboard algorithms can upgrade 4K content to meet 8K resolution.


LG’s futuristic rollable TV is now a reality.

At the Consumers Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the South Korean tech giant took the wraps off the Signature Series OLED TV R, its first-ever OLED television with a screen that can roll itself up and is also voice-activated.

After the prototype was teased in 2018, LG announced today that the rollable TV will finally hit the shelves this year, with a launch date expected sometime in the spring.

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LG didn’t disclose pricing details about the rollable TV.

LG said it designed the TV with aesthetics in mind, as consumers no longer want to have a big black box be the focal point of their living room, or are abandoning TVs altogether

The OLED TV R is designed to be in the room when you want it and disappear when you don’t, with three different modes that let users decide the size of the screen.

Users can choose from three modes – full view, line view and and zero view.

In full view, the TV rolls out to show the whole 65-inch 4K display that’s designed to show the sharpest colors and details in either the brightest light or darkest rooms.

Line view rolls the TV down to hide most of the screen so that it takes up a ‘minimal amount of real estate.’

In zero view, the TV screen disappears completely to hide inside a base that’s essentially a massive speaker.

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