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Expat Life: Where To Work If You Want A Big Career In Fintech?

If you’re looking for your next big career move, here are the best places to work and live as a FinTech expat

There are so many reasons to get a job in FinTech. With excellent job availability, ample funding, high salaries and plenty of workplace perks, FinTech careers can be advantageous. With large numbers of startups surfacing each year in top cities worldwide, employees can benefit from being immersed in different startup cultures while exploring amazing new places.

The FinTech industry is one of the most vibrant spaces to work in right now. And it’s the perfect transition for those who are already working in traditional finance, or for experts in other technology sectors.

Silicon Valley

Home to Apple, Facebook, Netflix and many other tech giants, it makes sense that Silicon Valley is the place to be to begin your career in FinTech.

New financial startups are popping up all the time in San Francisco, and salaries are at an all-time high in this corner of the industry. This is the place where a six-figure household salary would be considered as ‘low income’, and where competitive packages far outweigh the high cost of living (something that can’t be said of other expensive cities).

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As an expat in San Francisco, you will have so much to see and do at weekends. Just an hour away from the Napa Valley wine trail, and home to some of the most incredible gastronomy, your time here will be filled with fun, luxury and entertainment.


According to Tech Nation, there are more than 300,000 tech jobs in the UK capital. There are over 7,500 startup births, with 20% of all FinTech companies being ‘high growth’ firms, and over £56 billion in digital tech turnover. The average advertised annual salary is £61,803, and there are some great workspaces and amazing places to socialise.

When it comes to being successful, this is the city to spur you on. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or looking for a job in a startup, you’ll be utterly inspired. London is home to 14 of the 47 ‘unicorn’ status companies in Europe, double the number of the next closest country.

China (Beijing or Shanghai)

China’s FinTech scene is another level when it comes to the size and power of its leading companies. Globally-recognised organisations like Beijing crypto-mining giant, Bitmain, is already one of the most successful startups in the world. It has already reached ‘unicorn’ status and is set to achieve ‘decacorn’ status (valued at US$10 billion or more) in just over five years.

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In Shanghai, the online finance marketplace, Lufax (Lu.com) is headquartered there and is predicted to reach its ‘decacorn’ status in around four years’ time.


Outside of China’s top cities, Singapore is perhaps the biggest and most important FinTech hub for expat workers in Asia. The city-state has invested over US$453 million in the first half of 2019 into developing and growing the industry, and there’s excellent job availability for those who are willing to move and start a new life here.

And with so many benefits of being an expat in Singapore, you’ll probably never want to leave.

Besides the amazing food, Singapore is a very clean and well-maintained place, with outstanding transport links, very low crime, political stability and zero corruption, and plenty of things to see and do at any time of day/night.

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