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GIG Logistics Digitizes Delivery In Nigeria, Launches GIGGO App

GIG Logistics is digitizing the delivery of its logistics services in Nigeria with the launch of GIGGO, a mobile app that offers users an easier way of shipping and tracking goods across the country.

GIG Logistics is a subsidiary of Nigeria’s leading logistics company, the GIG Group. The launch of the mobile app provides users with options to request, track and deliver goods from the comfort of their homes. To request delivery personnel, the user has to download the GIGGO app from the app store, register with a reference code, request for delivery service using his/her location, and input pickup address and receiver’s information.

The GIGGO app already has listed items on its platform based on popular requests from traditional deliveries carried out for users. The user selects the quantity of the item of choice and a dispatch rider will show up to collect the item.

GIG Logistics has simplified and digitized its delivery services with the adoption of mobile app technology. Before now, the user had to take the goods to their outlet and wait for his/her turn to have goods shipped. According to Ayodele Adenaike, the Chief Operations Officer, GIG Logistics decided to seize the opportunity to make the delivery process more seamless.

“GIG has effectively used technology to succeed in a volatile environment like Nigeria and hence, positions itself as a leading logistics company with the strongest delivery network. With the GIGGO customer app, users can order for deliveries from their comfort zones for onward delivery at an affordable rate,” he said.
The company is rapidly expanding through the acquisition of more vehicles to be able to cater to the pickup delivery requests via GIGGO. It also runs an Uber-like service where riders can sign up their vehicles using a separate partner app. The partners (drivers) will keep 80% of the delivery charge while 20% goes to the company.

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GIGGO is currently available within Lagos State in the beta phase before the nation-wide launch. The service will be made available across the country by the first quarter of 2020. The app for users is available for download on both Google Play Store as GIGGO and iOS Store as the GIG Logistics app.

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